Do I need pest control?

I have to admit that this is my very first post! What should I write? I have in excess of 36 years experience in the pest control industry so I ought to be able to discuss something relevant.

One of the questions I am asked quite regularly is the question above. Do I need pest control (by law)? The honest answer is no, you are not legally bound by legislation to employ a professional pest controller. However, under the Food Safety Act there are a number of provisions to which you must adhere if you wish to avoid the risk of falling foul of the law.

Although food safety legislation affects everyone in the country, it is particularly relevant to anyone working in the production, processing, storage, distribution and sale of food, no matter how large or small the business. This includes non-profit making organisations. I would recommend any business connected with the food industry to download a copy of The Food Safety Act 1990 – A Guide For Food Businesses. I won’t go in to detail because it is a very lengthy guide.

So, whilst you may not appear to need pest control legally I believe that it is your first defense in showing ” Due Diligence” under the law. This may be a biased view I hear you say! You are probably correct but just think about what can go wrong and often does.

I was at a new restaurant in Leigh recently. I asked the proprietor if he had considered using the services of a pest control company? He said, “the building is new, all the kitchen units and furniture is new. We don’t have a problem. But if we do, I’ll phone you”.

This is standard reply. The business owner is going to wait till he notices an infestation and then contact a pest control company! Is he serious? What if a mouse runs across the restaurant floor when the dining room is full? Dances in the window at night after the restaurant closes or the Environmental Health Officer finds a couple of mouse droppings in the dry store! What a predicament! What will his defence be?

Oddly, I often wonder would the same person eat out at another restaurant knowing that the owner of that restaurant did not care enough about his reputation or customers to protect them from the potential risks associated with rodent and insect borne contamination and disease? It is of no surprise that all the high street big names in the food industry from fast food restaurants to large pub chains all use pest controllers as their first line of defence.

I am pleased to state that our clients in Warrington, Wigan, Leigh, St Helens and areas inbetween and further afield know that there interests are protected by a professional pest control company and that I can recommend their restaurants, nursing homes, cafes and tea rooms etc as safe places to eat and enjoy themselves.

If you need advise on any of the above please call Guardian Pest Management for a free survey and quotation.

Remember a preventative pest control contract is cheaper than the cost of controlling a full blown infestation. It will protect you, your business and your reputation.